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January 2011 update

Ha! I bet you are all thinking, “You kind of skipped a few months there, lady!”So true, but thanks to God’s provision, I now have a new laptop and no longer have to play tug-a-war with Tim over his, so I am celebrating my new freedom to write, and the week off I have from teaching Children’s Bible Study, by dusting off my blog and posting for you three videos of our Christmas ministries, one story, two miscellaneous posts and this prayer update! I know, I know: feast or famine, but I hope you will take some time to check out the new posts.

What can I tell you about what God is doing in Valcea these days? Well, He really met us during our Christmas ministries. Tim and I were quite stretched trying to cover all the bases and sometimes went to bed brittle with exhaustion (you know the feeling you get that if someone even touches you, you will crack into a million little pieces), but in spite of our weakness, He was there! (more…)


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No Trophies

So, I asked Tim what I should write about this month. We both laughed. September just seems a blur of exhausting labor, attacks, reversals and drama. First at the elderly homes, a lady we’ve been working with started getting drunk again. Another lady died. Then the gentleman I’d written so hopefully about last month suddenly balked at the thought that he must be born again. He said he just didn’t get it.  A paralyzed friend we drove to the optometrist heard that no glasses could help her. Her disease is destroying the optic nerve. A man I’d been visiting turned weird, forcing me to sadly avoid his room. (more…)

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Don’t normal Christians pray that God will make their way smooth, especially as we seek to do His work? Would it ever enter our minds to expect our loving Father to deliberately make our way rough? But biblically, that’s exactly what He sometime does in the lives of His dear ones. And He does it for magnificent purposes. (more…)

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Just thought I’d check in with you all with a May update. Tim and I are now 4 weeks into a six-week long furlough and while it’s hard to be away from the church in Romania, we have been enjoying our family enormously. We’ve spent two weeks with our older son, Seth, Michelle and baby Sonata Hahne in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, while Tim got his feet wet and his heel gashed reacquainting himself with the ocean and surfboard. I on the other hand tried to get in shape by pushing Sonata’s stroller around the lake, but can’t say I achieved it. (more…)

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February Prayer Update

What’s new with the Hahnes? Well, we are thrilled that winter seems to be on it’s last legs. It’s so great to look out our window at the backyard and see green instead of white! We have grass again!  I even walked in town with my jacket unzipped. Oh the small joys a Californian feels at the end of winter!

Also, we are excited about our first ever “Woman’s Day Outreach Bible Study and Brunch” that will be taking place on Saturday, March 6. That’s just a week from tomorrow. We only have a small group of ladies in our own church, but we are all inviting  friends and neighbors, as well as Christian ladies from other churches in town to come and share this special morning with us. The theme is “For Such a Time as This.” Tim designed the invitation and will head up the kitchen. Anca will be leading worship, several ladies will be baking goodies, and I will be teaching a study on becoming women ready to risk and sacrifice for the cause of God. It’s from the book of Esther, but will also point to Christ as the One who was never paralyzed by fear, but who bore the Father’s wrath for us, so that we could be freed from our cowardice, selfishness and self-preservation to live for Him.

Please pray that that message would be powerful and effective in the hearts of all who come.

Pray God will draw the ladies He especially wants to bless through this morning, that those who don’t yet know Christ would not be too scared to come and that the ladies from other churches would want to unite with us on this one morning to be encouraged together.

Pray that we will get confirmations from those ladies in a timely way. Right now we have 59 invitations circulating out there, but have no clue how many of those will actually come.

Pray for kitchen blessings! For God’s grace upon Tim to get things in and out of the oven on time while the study is going on. 🙂 And for myself as I will do a lot of cooking and baking and decorating and set up, as well as preparing to teach.

Pray for the Spirit of Christ to rule over the whole event and for God to be glorified in every way.

Thanks so much for your prayers. We’ll let you know how it goes! In love, Krista and Tim Hahne

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Thanks so much to all of you who are hanging in there with us. We appreciate you all. What things can you be praising God for in the ministry in Ramnicu Valcea this winter? Here’s a list!

1. That as we do the simple things that He has called us here to do, even when we don’t really notice a whole lot changing, God, in fact,  is working out His saving purposes. Last week I was chatting with our architect friend at the “Home by the Forest” who wryly described himself and another friend there as “well-behaved”, which I think means that they sin quietly, rather than noisily.  Then he said, “Our problem is that we don’t know how to pray!” And he continued, “I remember that time when I was having problems and you prayed for me. I’ll never forget that!”  I was so touched by his comment because my prayer for him was one of the first times I had ventured to pray out loud for someone using Romanian language, grammar mistakes and all, and that prayer had been wrenched out of me only by a deep concern for his suffering. I was awed and amazed at how much God had blessed my obedience. I just had a “Wow, Lord!” moment. Beyond that, his comment gave me renewed hope that God is helping him to sense that there is more that he could have of Him and he is beginning to want it. God, increase that hunger and lead him to your Son! (more…)

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November 09 Prayer Update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. God is working! Since my last update on Oct. 18th we have seen our new Sunday morning Children’s Bible Study really take off. These photos are from this past Sunday when the lesson was on God’s calling Abraham and giving him promises. (We had transformed the bunk bed into Abraham’s tent to help set the mood.) So far there have been 21 different children who have attended, with the average being 9 kids per Sunday. One little girl’s mother said her daughter was  so excited to come back she was ready to go to church already at 8 am (church starts at 10 am). Another mother, whose kids were sick last Sunday, said they were crying because they couldn’t come. We really look forward to seeing what God is going to do with these children.We are also excited that some mothers are coming back to church that had not come for quite some time. So may God keep using it in both the children and adults! (more…)

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